IAB Demographic and Psychographic User Survey 


The IAB is conducting a survey aimed at gathering insights from online media buyers, agencies, publishers, and media professionals on the kinds of demographic and psychographic data that are most useful for them in their day-to-day work in digital media. The purpose of this survey is to gain a better understanding of the information that digital media professionals use to make strategic decisions about advertising campaigns and audience targeting.

We believe that by gathering these insights from professionals in the industry, we can help improve the quality and effectiveness of online advertising campaigns. The results of this survey will be used to guide the development of more accurate and insightful demographic and psychographic data tools and services, which will ultimately benefit media buyers, agencies, publishers, and other media professionals. We appreciate your participation in this survey and look forward to sharing the results with you.

Submissions are anonymous and any personal information like name and email address will only be used to communicate the results with you. The following survey should take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.